30 Opt-In Freebie Ideas Your Ideal Subscribers Will Thank You For

Are you struggling to find a suitable gift to offer your new email subscribers? It can be really tough to decide on the perfect opt-in freebie to encourage your ideal subscribers to join your email list.

Your opt-in freebie is a great way to thank your new subscribers for inviting you into their inbox.  Not only that, it allows you to share your knowledge and expertise and be of real service to them – to give them a taste of how fabulous it will be to work with you for real, or how amazing your paid products will be.

Would people THANK YOU for this opt-in freebie?


A brilliant opt-in gift is one that solves a problem your ideal subscriber is facing – maybe they need to tame the chaos in their inbox (I know I do!), or start a regular exercise routine, or learn to make cake pops – in a format that is easy for them to access and use.

Opt-In Freebie Ideas

  1. A recorded interview with someone your ideal subscribers will be excited to learn from.
  2. A workbook
    Claire at Eat Well. Party Hard. offers an awesome workbook guide to killer confidence.
  3. An entry level membership to your paid membership programme
  4. A pre-recorded webinar
  5. A manifesto
    Andy Mort of Sheep Dressed Like Wolves offers The Gentle Rebel Manifesto to his subscribers …
  6. A preview of your paid eBook or eCourse material
  7. Exclusive offers for your products or services
  8. Audio recordings – a meditation, a reading from your book, an inspirational story, a how to guide …
    The Business of Introverts offers an audio recording to help new subscribers escape the busy offers for a life of quiet joy.
  9. A free consultation
  10. A list of tips or ideas to help them achieve a goals or solve a problem.
    One Woman Shop shares 25 Secrets to Growing Your Community as their opt-in freebie
  11. A worksheet
    You can download a Customer Avatar Worksheet from Amp&Pivot when you sign up to their email list.
  12. Insights into how you run your business to help them grow theirs
  13. Exclusive members only content
    Karen Gunton of build a little biz offers her subscribers exclusive content that she doesn’t share anywhere else.
  14. Membership to an exclusive subscriber only community
    Share the Love is an online community for women entrepreneurs on Facebook – its free to join when you sign up to my mailing list here.
  15. A discount code
    Be Good Organics offer a $10 discount on your first purchase from their online store as their opt-in gift.
  16. A list of recommended tools and resources
    The Superhero WordPress Plugins Guide is a great list of resources for WordPress users.
  17. A starter kit
    Nathalie Sisson offers her subscribers the Suitcase Starter Kit to help them get started with a location independent lifestyle
  18. Break down a process or system you use in your business so that your readers can copy it
    The Systems Chick’s Guide to Transforming Busyness into Business offers templates, case studies and systems you can use to make you more productive and organised in your business.
  19. An exclusive giveaway just for your subscribers
    Jeannette Walker Jewellery has a monthly giveaway that’s only available to her VIP newsletter subscribers
  20. A recipe – for baking, list building, happiness, success …
  21. A live class or workshop just for your subscribers
  22. An eBook
    Sophia Chang offers a gorgeous cheat book to help you brand your business.
    Send to Sell is a fabulous eBook for online store owners from Ruthie Abraham
  23. An eCourse
    Kat from Multitude offers a series of emails showing you the best strategies to use when planning your crowdfunding campaign
  24. A guide to [doing something awesome] …
    SocialSuzi offers a guide to creating the brand you crave
    Jen Havice at Make Mention Media offers The Entrepreneurs Guide to Writing an About Page
  25. A template
  26. A checklist  or cheat sheet
    Sally Ann Miller helps you turn traffic into subscribers with her Website Conversion Cheat Sheet
  27. Blog posts delivered to their inbox
    Kris Emery keeps her newsletter subscribers up to date with her latest blog posts and other goodies …
  28. A video (or series of videos)
    New Tricks Web Design offers a series of videos to help you make the most of WordPress
  29. A quiz or survey (its a great way to help segment your list so you can provide people with just the content they really want from you!)
    Cheryl at Euphoric Roots offers a Hormone Imbalance survey on her website
  30. A worksheet or template they can use with their own clients
    Kate at Betty Means Business offers 3 great scripts you can use with your clients to explain what you do and ask for referrals & testimonials.
  31. A challenge
    Loralee Hutton is offering a super 14 Day Product Challenge … it starts NOW so if you’re needing a push to get that product made and out the door this is the challenge for you :)
    Claire Kerslake offers a 7 Day Wellness & Weightloss Challenge for her email subscribers.

4 Comments on “30 Opt-In Freebie Ideas Your Ideal Subscribers Will Thank You For

  1. Great idea posting all these for inspiration. And thanks so much for including mine. I can confirm that since giving away the manifesto the number of subscribers has increased enormously. And because it is basically an introduction to the niche I write for the subscribers are all a lot more engaged with my list than they might otherwise be. Very worth doing! :)

  2. Oh thank you soooooo much for this post. I have been trying to come up with a really good freebie…now I have something to think about and help me come up with my own!

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