8 Awesome email marketing podcasts worth listening to

For those of you who like to drown out the chaos around you while cooking dinner, who can take in information while working out, or who just like to enjoy your information in a hands free format while you drink your coffee, here’s a list of some pretty good email marketing podcasts.

From the Fizzle Show
I’m never quite sure whether these guys are really annoying or hilariously funny. Either way, they serve up some pretty damn good email marketing advice in the podcasts below!

Email Reboot
If you’re going to do email right in your business, you may need to start over from scratch and reset your foundation about how to use email as a tool to grow your audience the right way. (Includes quite a glowing recommendation for MailChimp!)

Grow Your Email List
Conversion. List building. Signup forms. Giveaways. Freebies. Conversion. Etc.

What To Send Your Email List
What kinds of emails to send. How often you should send them. What metrics to pay attention to. How to increase open rates.

From The Suitcase Entrepreneur
How to Balance Multiple Projects and Build Your Email List with Nathalie Lussier

From The M Word
Email Marketing: Why it matters & how to get started.
Elle & Russ started their podcasting with a bang – with a fab first episode on how to do email marketing the right way …

From Hit The Mic
Effective Email Marketing with Amanda Cook
Email Marketing and Social Media… Better Together

From Social Media Marketer
How to Not Suck at Email Marketing with DJ Waldow (author of The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing – one of my favourite email marketing handbooks!  There are loads of great ideas in here for using email marketing effectively for your business.)

Got another great podcast to add to the list? Leave a link to it in the comments.

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    • I love your podcasts, Natalie … Its always nice to hear a kiwi accent on the interwebs :)

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