How to add video to your Mailchimp newsletter

Want to add a You-Tube video to your Mailchimp email newsletter?

Email clients don’t actually allow you to embed video in your newsletters, but Mailchimp have a super easy work-around …

All you need to do is add the following merge tag into your email template: *|YOUTUBE:[$vid=XXX]|*

Find the You-Tube Video ID

Replace XXX with the id of the video you want to show. With YouTube videos, the video ID is everything after the “=” at the end of the URL.  In this example the Video ID is uoiIYlww8M4. So your mergetag will be *|YOUTUBE:[$vid=uoiIYlww8M4]|*

Mailchimp will simply add a screenshot of the video into your email that looks just like an embedded video.

Mailchimp will embed a screenshot of the video

And when your reader clicks on the image, they’ll be taken directly to You-Tube to watch the video.


20 Comments on “How to add video to your Mailchimp newsletter

  1. Great tip! Have been sruggling with this for ages. Those graphics really help. Thankyou!

    • Hi Loui, so glad to help! If you have anything else you would like to learn how to do in Mailchimp let me know!

    • Glad to help! Its always nice to find there’s an easier way of doing things :)

  2. Cool! I use MailChimp – and while I know there are some drawbacks as compared to AWeber in particular – I just do love MailChimp for so many reasons. :-)

    • I gotta admit, I like Mailchimp. It does everything I need it to and has loads of cool features to help you make the most of your email list …. that and its free to use while you’re just getting started.

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      • Thanks Meg, I finally got the video to show up, but there is all this junk next to it:

        ” target=”_self” style=”color: #EB4102;font-weight: normal;text-decoration: underline;word-wrap: break-word !important;”>Invalid URI supplied

        how do I get rid of that?

  4. Thanks dear. I was just thinking to add a URL link and allow users to click on it. But, your way is much better. It looks much more professional. I think I will try it on my campaign. I hope it works on my template.

  5. OOps!! Thanks for this simple yet great help. I was looking for this video embedding.

    How can I use auto-play videos in newsletter like webpages?

    • Hi Jewel

      Unfortunately you can’t add videos themselves to emails. An email is quite a different beast from a website, and embedding videos really just doesn’t work as many email clients will just strip out the embedded video.

      There are a couple of services that will let you add video into emails … check out – but even they can don’t guarantee that all your subscribers will be able to see the video.

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  7. Hi Meg
    Can you help? I’ve tried this so many times and it’s not working at all.

    I’m putting this in my email campaign


    (This is the URL

    ANd all that happens is I get all that text in the box and no image / link to youtube…? I’m getting so frustrated as everyone’s saying it’s so easy ;)
    Any ideas?

  8. Is there any way to do that same before blog post updates are sent out? I don’t do the newsletter thing. I have my blog posts automatically emailed. I’m a little confused about that. Is there any way to include a mergetag in my blog post updates before they get sent out?

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